Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018

Avi On Fire

Indie pop

Only hits! Avi On Fire is the formation around singer and writer Bram Wesdorp, which entered the Dutch musicscence around a year ago. The band explores the boundaries of alternative indie pop music with a fresh sound. Layered lyrics packed into a catchy chorus which will haunt you for days afterwards.

15 March 2018 | Arent

Their debut single ‘Pearls’, which came out in 2016, gained both national and international attention and has raised over 1 million streams on Spotify already. Following the release, Avi On Fire was proclaimed as Serious Talent by Dutch radio station 3FM and a succesful tour followed. 2017 started off with a show on Noorderslag, a Dutch festival with big international attention, after which a busy festival season followed. In 2017 the band also released their first EP called ‘Win’. 2018 started off well too, with a club tour and a second EP on the march. Avi On Fire’s music style is on the same pathway as the famous Wombats and Foster The People, with a hint to disco music. On the 18th of may they will turn the mainstage of Festival Aangeschoten Wild into a hitfactory!

19:50 - 20:50