Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018

Certain Animals


This trio of born musicians from Rotterdam serves dirty rock with a psychedelic edge. Just the name already is awesome! They are playing for barely a year but have already made huge advancements. For example, they played together with big Dutch bands as Golden Earring, Brainbox, The Grand East and Navarone. They also toured in the autumn of 2017.

15 March 2018 | Arent

Certain Animals is composed of experienced musicians who played earlier in other Dutch bands. With these bands, they already played at several big festival such as Lowlands, Eastern Pop and Eurosonic Noorderslag. Maybe that explains why they already have a busy agenda for 2018? Or do the succesful releases explain it? For example, their single ‘Image’ lead to a release show that was sold out. It also gained attention from several Dutch newspapers and radio stations and got a nomination for the ‘Best Track of 2017’ of the Rotterdam Music Awards. Really dirty, melodic and multivocal rock. That is the sound of Certain Animals. This trio is certainly going to rock Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018!





18:20 - 19:00