Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018

Hanna de Haan

Hanna’s work primarily concerns drawings and woodcuts, though she also loves to experiment with different graphic techniques. These techniques include: cardboard print, blueprint or a combination of print and rubbing, collage and drawing.┬áMost of her work is about city-buildings or constructions. The speed at which cities change intrigues her, also the fact that a city is never finished but always is being designed and transformed into something new. Constructions give an impression of how a building is being mentioned, but they do not show the definitive building and leaves me some space for imagination. The lines are not yet fixed, but they look more like the searching lines of a sketch.

15 May 2018 | luda

Hanna spends a lot of time sketching in the city. She is always searching the horizon for cranes that lead her to some area where there is some transformation happening that she can draw. Those are the sketches she uses for making my prints. In her woodcuts she searches for the same aspects as sketching, the inspiration of a city that is never finished. She re-uses parts of the wood plates by printing them over another plate or rubbing. By doing this, time and places are intertwined and new places and connections can being made.