Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018

KD Soundsystem

Dans | Electronic | Dance | DJ | Electronica | Reggae

Move your hips on the beats of KD Soundsystem! Afro-carribean electronic dance music is combined with sexy choreography and a wide range of diversity. This group’s musical exploring around the globe led them to discover many different cultures and music styles. They summarised their journeys into an elaborate tropical music collection. Prepare for an energetic and unique live experience!

15 March 2018 | Arent

KD Soundsystem is a five-member singer, dance, MC and DJ group consisting of MC Power, Dancers ZoĆ« and Samirae and DJs The Teacher & Addik. Although being based in Amsterdam, the group travels worldwide to perform and get inspiration. In 2017 they released two EPs, named ‘Rimboe Riddim volume 1 & 2’. They include a variety of styles, for example Dancehall/Reggae, Soca, Baile Funk, Afro-beats/dance, Bass and Hiphop. Tracks of their EPs were used by famous DJs as the Partysquad, Freddy Moreira, David Guetta, Vinai and Don Diablo. In the Netherlands they have already performed at various dance festivals and clubshows and right now they are about to play European festivals. In february they even played at the summer carnaval in Rio de Janeiro!

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