Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018


Electronic | Pop | Electronica

She has a frail, girlish appearance. But appearances can be deceiving, because Lakshmi Swami Persaud is a spirited and determined woman. Named after the Hindu godness of love, she tells personal stories through dark electric pop: a mix of poetic lyrics, heavy synths and dark strings. Her music is like a triangular relationship between Lana Del Rey, Warhaus and Massive Attack.

15 March 2018 | Arent

LAKSHMI develops a passion for music and writing on a young age. However, her shyness is in the way. After high school she decides to study music at the Herman Brood Academy in the Netherlands. She did not realise she wanted to be a singer-songwriter, mostly because of her shyness, but decided that she wanted to be good at it. Her search for her own sound was therefore a long way. Initially she played loud music but later realised that this did not fit her voice.

At the moment she decides she should truly aspire to be a musician, her career starts to develop. In 2014 she reaches the final of the Big Price of the Netherlands, a big band and songwriter competition. In 2015 she joins the tv show ‘The Best Singer Songwriter of The Netherlands’. In 2016, she brings out two EPs, after which she is proclaimed as Serious Talent by the dutch Radio 3FM. She then plays several shows on Dutch television and radio. She is also in the spotlight at several major festivals, including Paaspop (Eastern Pop), Festival Mundial and the Songbird festival.

21:30 - 22:30