Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018

Mark Opfer


Perhaps you have heard of being in ‘the zone’. For example, you are playing basketball and you suddenly every shot goes just as you want. It is one of the best feelings to have that flow. Improvisation is a good way to start that flow and to live in the moment. As you experience this act as an unique work of art, you caught in the performance. Mark Opfer and his musician William present the improvisation show ‘The Journey to the Perpetual Now’ at Festival Aangeschoten Wild as never before!

2 May 2018 | luda

 As graduation project Mark Opfer wrote the poem ‘Bob, the dirty job’ (in Dutch). The first time he performed this poem was in restaurant. Its owner proposed to perform it under the guidance of a musician. This is how the successful collaboration started between Mark and William.
When the poem was finished, Mark and William performed at Fringe Festival Delft about an ex-marine who could not get used to the normal life. This collaboration gave them a taste of something good, but they wanted more. This is how ‘The Journey to the Perpetual Now’ was brought to life.
18:55 - 19:15