Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018



These four talents from the Dutch province of Zeeland may have passports which state years of birth from only 1998 and 1999, but they are already working hard at their career. For example, these indie rockers already played at major Dutch festivals and won the Buma Musics Academy Award in 2014. Last year their debut EP ‘Mad For It’ came out, and we must say, we are indeed mad for PEER!

15 March 2018 | Arent

With their EP out they played at the Dutch talkshow ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ and were proclaimed KX Radio Talent by Dutch public radio station 3FM. Airplay at different radio stations followed and moreover they did an elaborate tour. Because of their love for England, they shot the music video for their second single ‘Emily’ in Liverpool. In December, as a cherry on the cake, they played at the Mood Indigo Festival in India with over 100.000 visitors. During their show you can hear jumpy rock which is reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys. It has catchy choruses which you just can’t get out of your head!

21:20 - 22:05