Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018


Electronic | Po√ęzie | DJ | Electronica

SpaceAgePoetry takes you on a journey through space with its stories and music. This act is a combination of chill rave and slow techno with spoken word. This style was discovered while Space Kadett and Justin Samgar were playing around with their shared taste for music.


27 April 2018 | luda

They have been performing since 2016 at festivals, such as Mysteryland, Down The Rabbit Hole and Mandala. However, they also performed on stages and clubs like Doka, Hedon and even the Concert Hall. In September they released their first EP at KROOKS Records. This EP, named Sputnik, contains productions by Dialoque, Arjuna Schiks and Hessel Stuut.

22:50 - 23:20