Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018


Jazz | Blues | Rock

Rock, jazz, alternative, whatever you want to call it, Sultan makes music. The band merely consists of a drummer, bass player and guitar player. No clear leader of the band, but who needs one with music that makes the devil blush. It is accessible & experimental with a bluesy-rocky flavour. Every song has got a story. One thing is certain in life; with Sultan you’re going to have a splendid night.

6 May 2018 | Arent

A few years ago, sultan began to make music in old garages, and went experimenting with new, different forms of music. This rockband consists of Auke de Vries on drums, Sacha Palies on bass, and Clemens van Laar on guitar. There isn’t a clear bandleader; the bass player sings, as does the guitarist, this attributes to nice harmonies and diversity. The music is made together, and the inspiration comes from everywhere. With uplifting tunes and great enthusiasm the audience has difficulty sitting still.

15:55 - 16:25