Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018

Tom Becks

DJ | Electronica

Tom Becks is a 23 years old Producer from Delft in the Netherlands. His real name is Thomas Beckers and he has been producing ever since he was only 11 years old. Being passionate about music for years Tom Becks performed on the Grote Markt in Delft in front of over 6000 people and gave a live performance at Festival Aangeschoten Wild in 2017. Tom produces in a broad spectrum of genres which are, as he says, not important at all. At the 18th of May Tom Becks will be back at Festival Aangeschoten Wild with new music!

26 April 2018 | Arent

Tom Becks used to produce house but ever since he released his first album Flow in 2017 he has switched to different genres. Now his productions cover a wide variety of genres and BPM-ranges. Tom doesn’t care about the genre as long as it gets the message across. His music often contains orchestral and film-like elements and are filled with emotions and vibes. Even though he produces whatever fits the story his style comes closest to Future Bass, although you could call it “Film Music with a beat”.

On may 18th Tom Becks will drop his second album, ‘Surge’, with a liveset on the mainstage of Festival Aangeschoten Wild. Go to www.tombecks.com to read more about the artist and to stay updated on Surge!

23:55 - 00:35