Festival Aangeschoten Wild 2018

FAW2017 committee in the starting blocks

Ready, set, go! The starting sign for the organisation of Festival Aangeschoten Wild sounded even before the summer break. In the meantime, the new group of volunteers is very much busy with prepartions for the festival.

2 October 2016 | Newsletter | Bram

It might be unusual for a festival organisation, but in the world of students Festival Aangeschoten Wild has her roots in, it’s not uncommon at all: an annually changing organisation team. The ten new committee members met in May, and got to learn about the comings and goings of the festival. A period with a lot of brainstorm sessions and thinking of new, creative ideas followed. As of now, with six months to go, these new ideas are made reality. Time to get to know the people behind the festival a little better!

Bernice Hofland (22)

Coordination & Planning
“I see organising Festival Aangeschoten Wild as a learning experience in an extension of my field of study. Learning how to lead a large group of people is not something you learn from the books! A lot of tasks are independent of each other, and that’s why we have made an extensive planning. My job is to supervise this. As chairwomen, I want to trigger people to think out of the box and come forward with crazy ideas. That is how we will leave our mark on the festival. Bringing a new, surprising atmosphere by being creative with acts and festival layout is what is going to make the next edition extra special!”

Tim Vroomans (20)
Scecretary & HR
“In my first year in Delft, I organised the band contest at Sint Jansbrug, of which the winner plays at Festival Aangeschoten Wild. While doing that I noticed that I enjoy working with emerging talent, and presenting them with an opportunity to show their skills. Within my function, I am going to try to get the average Sint Jansbrug member more involved in the organisation of the festival. They make up the majority of the volunteers who make the festival possible, and together with them, we want to put up a festival that everyone can be proud of. ”

Tim van Driel (21)
Finance & Ticketing
“I have been to the festival three years in a row, and thoroughly enjoyed myself each time. Two close friends of mine have organised the festival before, which inspired me to do it myself. Festival Aangeschoten Wild grows and changes annually, and that of course brings huge challenges. With me being more of a fan of rock music, I would like to try, together with the rest of the team, to create some more room for the genre. We have had lots of good ideas together, and the festival next year is going to be great.”

Maarten van der Leij (21)
“I wanted to be part of the organisation of Festival Aaangeschoten Wild, because organising such an event seems like an enjoyable challenge, where I can learn a lot. Besides that, even though it sounds cliche, I think the festival is just plain cool! My role is a little more behind the scenes, but I still want to make a difference by making the sponsoring more sustainable. A better match with partners that want to keep supporting the festival for multiple years, that’s what I’m going for!”

Diederik Troost (24)
Subsidies, Food Trucks & Bars
“I have been to Festival Aangeschoten Wild in the past four years, and I liked being there every time. Organising the festival myself made a lot of sense. Ideally I would like to make the festival a little more out of this world. I’m planning on doing that through my organisation role, by giving some more attention to booking unique food trucks.”

Coosje Gispen (20)
Graphic Design
“What I liked most about FAW in the past two years was seeing acts that I didn’t know what they were about beforehand. I also thought it was cool to see how much time and energy a group of students puts in organising this festival. Now that I am part of it myself, I want to put a lot of time not only in graphic design work, but also in helping to find cultural acts that are just that bit different than the average poet or comedian. I’m hoping that we can get even more people to be enthusiastic to engage in cultural activities, not just at the festival, but also outside of that.”

Wietske Beers (21)
Marketing & Communication
“I have always had a thing for organising events, and an event with the size of Festival Aangeschoten Wild is like the icing on the cake. Besides wanting to learn what was happening behind the scenes, I also wanted to contribute to one of the larger events in Delft that are organised by students alone. In my function I want to reach out to as many music and culture lovers in Delft and beyond and attract them to the festival. The next edition of Festival Aangeschoten Wild won’t be one you would want to miss!”

Sanne Telder (19)
Location & Styling
“I organised a lot of shows in high school. When I was at Festival Aangeschoten Wild for the first time, I immediately knew I wanted to organise it someday. It’s the next step from what I have done so far. I want to try to realise my ideas of what a festival looks like at Lijm & Cultuur. In different areas, I want to place that extra thing that will up the surprise factor. It would be cool to me if I can send people home, while they are thinking “wow”, and keep thinking about the festival for days after it has ended.”

Laurens Oostwegel (20)
Culture Line-Up
“Festivals are really my thing. What makes Festival Aangeschoten Wild extra special, is that it’s a festival by Sint Jansbrug, so it’s organised just by students. I think it’s especially important within our team to get to a good result by collaborating well. An artist should get a place and a podium where they feel at home, and they should get the attention they deserve, by adjusting the small and the big cultural and musical acts to each other. My goal is to make Festival Aangeschoten Wild a complete experience!”

Thomas van Zeijl (20)
Music Line-Up
“Two years in a row now I have been to Festival Aangeschoten Wild, where I enjoyed the awesome atmosphere and the great diversity in bands every time. I couldn’t let the possibility to organise the festival myself through my fingers, of course! Ideally I want to make the festival more famous, so it can continue growing, and growing fast, the following years. My contribution to this end will mainly consist of delivering the best bands that The Netherlands has to offer, so that this time the festival can be a roaring spectacle.”