Drunken Dolly


Drunken Dolly and alcohol, they are inextricably linked. They would amputate their own toes to be closer to the bar.

13 April 2019 | sophiew

On their new EP, which wasreleased on March 16, 2019, their love for parties and alcohol will once again be well sung and they will make it impossible for you to stand still and dance your soles under your shoes.

Drunken Dolly has been celebrating on the Dutch stages for years and now they have also shown during their UK tour that Drunken Dolly is partying and drinking. That in combination with their energetic show full of punk, folk and polyphonic singing together, they are known to ensure, together with their friends from the “Drunken Dolly Drinking Team”, that many taps are drunk empty and a large party is guaranteed.

Almost naturally they were the party band of the “Popronde” in 2015 and turned the AFAS Live upside down in 2017 and 2018 with their support for the Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. Their friends from Ferocious dog brought these pacifiers to their own festival, Dogfest, and in the meantime The Rumjacks and The Real Mckenzies also had to deal with the party violence of these boys.


Drunken Dolly