Nieuwgrond is a cooling, quirky Nederpop with an electronic 80’s vibe. The catchy sound takes you to white beaches and you imagine yourself in a world of convertibles, cocktails and coupe soleil.

4 April 2019 | sophiew

The gentlemen make synthpop on steroids and it sounds like ‘Doe Maar’, if they were to make the ‘Miami Vice’ soundtrack. A perfect mix that we have never heard before in the Netherlands.

In 2018 the band climbed the stages of ‘Pukkelpop’, ‘Zwarte Cross’ and ‘the Mandala Festival’. The five were received with open arms in all corners of the Netherlands during the ‘Popronde’. The Single ‘Meisjes met Bagage’, which is about Wilco Hijinks (frontman) preference for complex girls, is the harbinger of the debut album “Scheurkalender” to be released in spring 2019. Come out of that winter dip!