SPROKEN is a Dutch electronic live-act founded in 2017 by frontman and writer Tom Strik. Together with musicians Wout Jansen and Sander Kester, they form SPROKEN. Spoken word supported by mild techno-beats, smooth synths and breakbeats, together with a hint of hiphop. The words tell stories and the music is danceable. That defines SPROKEN.

4 April 2019 | larsvank

We are SPROKEN. We live, we party, we fall in love, we get lost, we heal, we ride, we love, we drink beer, we believe, we get hurt, we get healed and we repeat. We believe in life, life’s party and the hangover that follows. Our music is about being free, about taking life not too seriously and feel, experience and do all there is in life.
SPROKEN stands for partying, but we also want to confer a clear message to the visitor. Obviously, partying is not something you do alone, so look around a little more often. Not just now, but also tomorrow and every other day that will come. With this feeling, we combine spoken word with electronic music. All compressed in an energetic liveshow. A combination that, in our opinion, leads to a feeling of freedom and joy.