Aangeschoten Wild Festival

Aangeschoten Wild is a music-festival… but!!!

It has much more than just music. Besides interesting bands currently gaining national popularity, local bands and a number of DJ’s, all in a variety of musical genres we will also offer you some cultural activities. Meaning: cabaret, circus, theater, exhibitions, live painting, danceshows or games.

Aangeschoten Wild started in 2009 and the first two editions have been a great success. We are making sure the coming third edition will be even better. Have a look at an impression of earlier editions.

Our goal is to offer a nice, ‘gezellig’ and interesting festival to all the people of Delft, young and old, student and non-student. Even people from outside the city of Delft are drawn to the festival, mostly because of our original, diverse and highly qualitative musical line-up. Next to that we try to offer a festival which is affordable for everyone, keeping prices of tickets and drinks almost ridiculously low.

Check out our:

Musical line-up!

(You can listen to all music at the regularprogramma-page! At the top you can also find a timetable.)

Andere Koek!

Andere Koek

A ska/punk band from Delft. 8 young people playing ‘typical Dutch World Music’ since 2007. They sing about every day issues, from dental problems to doing the dishes. Prepare to dance, these guys will make you!

La Boutique Fantastique

La Boutique Fantastique

A new Dutch act playing a mix of soul and jazz. They were one of the biggest surprises on the Dutch ‘Noorderslag’ festival, which almost always means that this band is about to reach the top. LBF combines French chansons, hiphop, classical music, electro & soul into their own highly original soul/jazzy-style. They often combine forces with succesful artists like C’mon&Kypsky and the Amsterdam Klezmer Band, and they just signed to Kyteman’s record label.

Bryan van Putten

Bryan van Putten

Bryan van Putten is a singer/songwriter playing intimate pop songs with poetic lyrics and nostalgic sentiments. You can compare him to the Counting Crows, Brett Dennen and Stainds Aaron Lewis.

Eefje de Visser

Eefje has won ‘Hollands Big Prize’ two years ago in the category of singer/songwriter. Before that she impressed many @ festival Noorderslag (remember what that means, it’s true!). Her recently released debut-album ‘De Koek’ has been ‘CD of the Week’ @ dutch Radio 1. Her music has everything, from jazz to folk with a bit of hiphop now and then. Eefje de Visser is a remarkable and highly originial talent in Dutch music.


Ethereal is about one thing and one thing only: creating overwhelming, jaw-dropping music which guarantees a good-old ache in the neck tomorrow morning. While the bands’ five musicians can show skills that put them in the Premier League of the Dutch metal scene, they are not afraid to mix solid songwriting with a decent dose of showmanship. Thus, guitarist Michiel Quakernaat and synth virtuoso Uri Dijk (who won the “Best Musician” award at the 2010 Grote Prijs van Nederland) will give you dual solos rarely seen in the metal genre. There will be sticktricks, and a bassplayer who loves running around stages as fast as possible. You will get frontman Daniel Verbrugge, officially ranked top-three Dutch grunter of 2009, and drummer Eelco van der Meer, who’s vast experience makes him the perfect and impressive motor for the band. Moreover, you will get movement, passion, surprises, massive energy, moshpits. You will get everything you hope for when visiting a metal show.

So, what do you get when combining Lamb of God’s astonishingly raw energy with the melodic powerplay of, let’s say, Children of Bodom? You will experience a band who’s classical and prog influences are as present and impressive as are their brutal and epic riffs. A band who’s live performances are unlevelled. A band, most of all, which will satisfy the needs of every person who loves loud music. This is ETHEREAL.


DNA spins it’s tunes out of an improvised DJ-caravan. They will provide you with good vibes on the outdoor area.



Fabian is a singer/songwriter playing a mix of pop, blues and hiphop. He has made it to the finals of the Cafe Vlaanderen award in Delft, the Studilio Award and the Rotterdam Open Stage.

Garcia Goodbye

Garcia Goodbye

Garcia Goodbye is perhaps the best indie/pop-group from Belgium. They play very cheerful and happy songs and claim to be influenced by The Beatles, Katy Perry, Richard Ashcroft, Lady Gaga, Franz Ferdinand, Queen, PJ Harvey and Michael Jackson. Oh boy…



Krach has made it to be called ‘Serious Talent’ by 3fm, one of the most popular Dutch radiostations. They sold out the biggest stages in Holland and their single ‘And So I Do A Little Dance’ was played more than any Lady Gaga-song on Dutch radio during past months. Their sound can be described as ‘filthy rock with a dance motive’. It’s like Jack White is being molested by Millionaire, while Soulwax is standing by with a wip. Prepare for the dance-tsunamis these guys create!

Secret Umbrella

The 4 members of Secret Umbrella are joined by the common goal of creating a world in which you can float around, dance and imagine. They are influenced by bands like Massive Attack, Zero 7, Bloc Party and Pink Floyd.

Sick Boy


Sick Boy is a Dutch electro DJ who has shared the stage with some of the biggest on electro-earth: Justice, Bloody Beetroots, Mstrkrft, Boysnoize, Steve Aoki & Congorock. He has played on festivals like SXSW, Love Parade (San Fransisco), Lowlands and Dancevalley. This guy is huge! His music: a mix of rave, techno, punk & electro.

Silent Disco

Choose for yourself whether you listen to DJ PJ (known from the Speakers-discotheque in Delft) or DJ-duo Menno de Meester / Victor Westerwoudt. Go crazy with headphones on!



Emanuel Bender, a 21 year old producer from Berlin, is WhiteNoise. His music is the result of what happens when electro blows up, dubstep takes its place and you add a mix of world music, film samples, mainstream pop and hiphop.

Our other activities:



Abracadabaret is a cabaret group from Delft. They will hit you in the funnybone with their original shows. Remember: it’s always healthy to have a laugh!

Breakdance workshop

Come see a performance by Ugur Tosun, a very skillful and talented breakdancer from Delft. Afterwards you can try some moves for yourself at our breakdancing workshop.



Camicaze is a game in which you can put your climbing skills to the test. It will be safe, it will be fun!


Like to play chess? If you’re tired of dancing you can play a game on a big format. Walk across the board and be the king.

Exposition Roos & Marloes

These two talented and handsome girls will be holding an exposition of their photographic works.

Hypo art supermarket

Take a look at the art objects at the walls of our festival. They are for sale at the Hypokunstsupermarkt, the supermarket for art and design.



Katharsis is classical theatre with a capital T. They will play a game in which you, the visitor, will play the main role. Join the game and play along!

Miss. Interpretation

Do you want to join the Tea-Bagging, or have a Blow Job? Join the Miss. Interpretation election. All participants have to misinterprete as much as possible. Everyone will be judged and maybe at the end of the day you will be crowned Miss. Interpretation.

Mixed Up Dance

Watch out! These enthousiastic ladies will make the earth shake with their danceshow.

Propria Cures

Propria Cures is Hollands oldes literary satirical magazine. They will hold a speach to the visitors in our Silent Disco area.

Dr. Pong

Dr Pong

Dr. Pong is a hilaric combination of beer, beats and pong. It started in the Dr. Pong bar in Berlin and it has steeply grown in popularity all over the world since then. So if you like to play, join the game. Dont be afraid to get tired, there will be many lounge areas at the festival. Dont be afraid to get hungry eather, there will be many different foods available. (Take a look at all the foods at the programma page)

Smoking with Van Renssen

With Van Renssen at our smokers-lounge you can learn all about the history of cigars and also have a good one yourself. Or if you prefer the taste of a waterpipe, those will also be available.

Stand Up Comedy

Two stand up comedians will be on stage in blocks of 10 minutes. Have a seat in our Silent Disco area and join the fun.

Studium Generale

Studium Generale will hold a speach to the visitors in our Silent Disco area. They cover a wide range of topics varying form art, culture, technics, society to science.

Sumo wrestling

Show the world your strenght in our sumo-wrestling area.


During the festival there will be a live painting session on a very big format. Have a drink and watch it grow.

When & Where

Aangeschoten Wild will be held at friday the 25th of march, from 15:00 to 01:30. The location will be the Lijm&Cultuur factory at the Rotterdamse weg, next to the TU campus. For a map: check our location-page!

There are some rules during the festival:

  • It is forbidden to bring your own food or drinks onto the terrain. Drinks will be sold cheaper than anywhere else in Delft (1 = € 1,60 / 7 = € 10,00) and there will be a wide choice of meals and snacks.
  • It is forbidden to use drugs on the terrain
  • Smoking is only allowed at the therefore reserved rooms.


Tickets can be bought for only 10 euros at our tickets-page. Remember: that’s only 50 cents per band and 50 cents per hour.

To order tickets:

  1. Just fill in your name, emailadress and the number of tickets you want
  2. Check if filled in correctly and press ‘betalen’ [pay]
  3. Use ideal to pay
  4. Wait for the ticket to arrive at your inbox. This can last a few days.

Pre-sale closes on wednesday the 23rd of march @ 23:59 hours. After that you are welcome to buy a ticket at the door, which will cost € 12,50. However… there will be a risk of tickets being sold out. Due to fire-restrictions we have a limited capacity.